About Us

About Lebanon Rural

The Lebanon Rural Fire Protection District protects 172 square miles of central Laclede county, surrounding the city of Lebanon. The department has three stations, ten trucks, and twenty-five dedicated personnel with a call volume surpassing one thousand calls per year.

With a staff committed to excellence through training and providing the best fire protection, education, and prevention with all members working towards a common goal.

Lebanon Rural welcomes any new applicants willing to make a difference in their community. See our Recruitment page for applicant guidelines and requirements.

Our Services

Our department is first and foremost a fire response service. Our department requires a minimum training standard of Basic Fire and encourages all Fire Fighters to take Fire I & II. Fire I & II is required for all officers and officer candidates. The department responds to an average of 50 residential & commercial structure fires per year within our district. In addition, we respond to the first alarm protocols for Lebanon City Fire, Sleeper/Stoutland Fire, Bennett Springs Fire, Evergreen Fire and many more. We are also on the Second alarm protocols for several districts in the surrounding counties.

Emergency Medical Services

Though our primary purpose is to be a fire response service, our department responds to an average of 800 EMS calls per year within our district. Because many of our members live in various parts of the district, often we will arrive on scene several minutes before the ambulance service. In order to maintain the highest level of patient care, our department requires a minimum standard of Medical First Responder. However, many of our personnel have pursued Emergency Medical Technician and/or Paramedic training. All department personnel follow strict medical protocols within the scope of their training as approved by our Medical Director. Lebanon Rural is currently accepting applications for EMS-Only personnel (those personnel interested in only running EMS calls). For those interested in EMS-Only status, fill out an application and put "EMS ONLY" in the Position Applied For.

Natural Cover Fires

The department responds to an average of 100+ natural cover fires in our district and the county. By state law, natural cover fires fall under the jurisdiction of the Missouri Department of Conservation. However, during Natural Cover Fire season (generally from March to October), we work closely with the Missouri Department of Conservation to ensure small natural cover fires do not grow into major incidents. Due to limited staffing at the Missouri Department of Conservation, local departments are dispatched prior to requesting MDC resources. However, if the need arises, MDC can bring a wide variety of resources and personnel to help protect the members of our district.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Residential / Commercial Structure Fire Protection

Volunteer Firefighting Facts

    • Volunteers comprise 73% of all firefighters in the United States.

    • The services contributed by volunteer firefighters save localities across the country an estimated $36.8 Billion per year.

    • Recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters is the key issue facing volunteer departments. The number of volunteer firefighters in the U.S. has decreased 10-15% since 1983.

    • From 1980 to 2002 the total number of calls almost doubled and the number of mutual aid calls tripled.

    • There are 11 fire departments in Laclede county...all but one is volunteer.